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Jiulong Enterprise Group is a key enterprise in China's machinery industry and one of the 85 key enterprises in Hubei Province. The enterprise group takes "specialization, scale, and internationalization" as its corporate orientation, takes high-tech auto parts as the guide, and is based on manufacturing integration, and has advantageous resources such as "model, capital, mechanism, and culture".

Jingzhou Jiuyang Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the holding company of Jiulong Enterprise Group (a Sino-Hong Kong joint venture). It has introduced international advanced technology to produce electric/manual dual-purpose vehicle cab turners. Quality Assurance System. At present, it has 6 national patents, and took the lead in passing the ISO/TS16949 quality system certification in the industry. The company's ultimate goal is to "build the largest production base for automobile flippers in China". Due to the rapid development of the company, the following aspiring elites are invited to join the company:
5 design engineers require a bachelor's degree, majoring in mechanical manufacturing and mechatronics. Have certain process design knowledge, be proficient in using computer-aided design software (Pro-E, CAD, etc.), and have strong hands-on ability and independent operation ability. More than 2 years working experience in machinery and hydraulic industry is preferred.
5 process engineers require a bachelor's degree, majoring in mechanical manufacturing and mechatronics. Familiar with machining technology, understand CNC programming and be able to operate parts independently on the machine.
Electrical engineer 1 Requires electrical engineering and automation major. Familiar with PLC programming, able to draw circuit diagrams for electrical components independently, and guide wiring on site.
20 assembly fitters, organic processing and assembly work experience is preferred.
Grinder 1 Cylindrical grinding, honing

The above personnel must be over 16 years old and under 40 years old, in good health, be honest, obey management, have good professionalism and teamwork spirit, and the age standard for special talents can be moderately relaxed.


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