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  • Seals are expected to be equipped with BYD lidar patent exposure

    A few days ago, Dianbang obtained two sets of related patents for BYD's "lidar cover" from the State Intellectual Property Office. According to the patent pictures, we judge that the new car may adopt a front face dual lidar solution similar to Xiaopeng P5.

  • The new generation of domestic Mercedes-Benz batteries will be installed on the EQE

    Recently, a new generation of domestically produced Mercedes-Benz batteries officially rolled off the production line at the Beijing Benz battery factory. The new generation of batteries will be mounted on the new domestically produced EQE that will soon be put into production, which will not only lay a solid foundation for the mass production of more Mercedes-EQ domestic pure electric models, but also further drive Beijing Benz to achieve "full electric" and practice its high performance. Quality Sustainability Commitment.

  • SAIC unveils new patent for hybrid transmission with less space and lower cost

    Recently, SAIC disclosed an invention patent titled "Hybrid Vehicle, Hybrid Drive System and Gearbox". After applying this technology patent, it can effectively reduce the cost of the hybrid gearbox, reduce its occupation of the front cabin of the vehicle, and improve the cooperation efficiency of the engine and the motor. It is reported that this patent is the core patent of SAIC EDUG2PLUS. Following SAIC's first-generation plug-in hybrid electric drive gearbox (EDU G1) and second-generation plug-in hybrid electric drive gearbox (EDU G2), EDU G2 PLUS also It will be mass-produced this year.



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